We are Global Empowers, a profit and non-profit organization that helps deprived communities by providing them with products and services that aim to improve their living conditions.Our mission is to uplift the millions of people suffering chronic disease and poor health outcomes – due to lack of life essentials such as clean drinking water – by delivering innovative, accessible and affordable solutions such as our unique Vigor Aqua tablets


Single-minded at Global Empowers, we are passionately driven to create and implement revolutionary innovations delivering affordable life essentials. Our global services and products lift millions of the chronically desperate underserved into the hope of a productive future!

Our vision

  • Youth and young minds: establish a sense of inner security  a level of belief and motivation in oneself.
  • Communities: create a place of healthy sustainable environmental conditions and improve access to nutritious healthy water.
  • Women: a company that supports and encourages leadership roles and personal growth within their communities and globally – in turn creating a platform for community members to uplift themselves and community.
  • Partnerships: to unite with NGO’s, social agencies and like-minded individuals to create lasting change and opportunities.


Our Values

Health and Vitality: personal and healthy well-being, liveliness and Vigor for life.

Passion: strong enthusiasm and commitment for what we do.

Leadership: ability to guide by example.

Integrity: being true, being real, being you; unapologetically.

Prudence: thinking critically.

Humility: understand that we all walk different paths in life.

Magnanimity: the perceived reward is greater than the perceived price.


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Water Fact Update

Global Empowers is a profit and non-profit organization and also owns The Mwansa Foundation. We provide Vigor Aqua for water purification. Find more in our blogs bellow.

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