Change Starts with you and i.

Uplifting millions of the world’s impoverished, into hopes of a more productive future for us all.

Global Empowers is a socially conscious enterprise which questions how the world can provide hope to the poor and impoverished in developing nations, worldwide.

What if we could be more than our external circumstances? What if a child born into abject poverty could be more than a statistic? What if we could empower the impoverished to build sustainable communities? We, at Global Empowers, believe that we can do and be more than what we currently are.  We envision a world free of mental poverty and material poverty.

We envision a society where every child has easy access to clean water, revered education and all the necessities required to develop a positive sense of self, for each and every one of us. We imagine a world of equal opportunities, regardless of sex, age, race and religious background.

We possess the curiosity of a young mind, unafraid to challenge the unknown, and the resilience required to achieve our goals. We place authenticity and integrity at the forefront of our service.

We are enthusiastic, passionate and are highly committed to our goals and purpose. We are Global Empowers.

Our Belief

We believe human beings can live harmoniously without material possessions. However, we cannot survive without hope. It is our fundamental belief that the power of hope can help raise the impoverished above the voices of doubt, division, anger and fear that they face in their own lives, communities and nations. It is our hope that if we work hard enough, and assist the poor to believe in themselves, then they can be and do whatever they dream of, regardless of the limitations that may have been placed on them.

Our Purpose

We are Global Empowers, a profit and non-profit organisation, with a purpose to uplift millions of the world’s impoverished, into hopes of a more productive future for us all.

Our Values

 Curiosity:  Young minds, unafraid to challenge the unknown

 Integrity: Being true, real, being you; unapologetically

 Prudence: Thinking critically

 Humility: Understanding that we all walk different paths in life

 Magnanimity: The perceived reward is greater than the perceived price

Our Mission

To be passionately driven to create and implement revolutionary innovations, delivering affordable tangible, and intangible products.

Our Vision

We envision a world free of mental and material poverty.

Our Responsibility

Our Customers

Our primary responsibility is to serve and protect the children, mothers, individuals, families, organisations and countless others who use our products and services, for the betterment of their overall livelihoods. In order to meet our consumers’ needs, all of our deeds must be of a high quality. We must maintain, and ensure an affordable service cost, by continually striving to lower our rates. Clients are to be serviced, promptly, with a positive attitude and in a respectful manner. Our distributors and other business associates deserve the opportunity to generate a justifiable profit.

Team Members

Our second responsibility is to serve and protect all men and women, who work alongside us, to fulfil our combined purpose and to realise our vision across the globe, as a whole. Every human being’s dignity must be respected with the highest regard. We view each and every human being as an individual and acknowledge each of their unique capabilities and worthiness. All human beings deserve to be provided with opportunities to become better, and greater, versions of themselves. We all deserve to have a sense of security in our workplaces, to receive a healthy compensation and to have a safe and clean environment to work in. Each and every individual must feel free to voice their opinions, ideas, suggestions and complaints.

Community and stakeholders

We are all responsible to the communities in which we live in and work from, including the world, as a whole. We should pride ourselves on being good citizens, empowering communities, encouraging education, health and continuous development. We should be in a constant search for new, and improved, ways to assist communities become more sustainable.

Our last, but equally important, responsibility is to our stakeholders. As a business, we aim to turn in a good profit. We work to experiment with small and large ideas, from all walks of life. Research will continue for the foreseeable future and innovative programs will continue to be developed. We understand the need to learn from our mistakes and to avoid making them again in the future. New equipment must be purchased and new products launched. Once we have completely ensured that these principles are fully operational, then we can confidently state that our stockholders will receive a just return on their investment.

© 2018 Global Empowers

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