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Global Empowers is Founded by Musonda Joseph Mwansa, a native from Kawambwa, a small village in Luapula Province north of Zambia. His humble beginnings have been the foundation on which he’s built his values and sets standards for himself and those around him.

Arriving in Australia in the winter of 2009, he has struggled to afford a life worth living; working up to three jobs at one time to have enough to cover living expenses and tuition fees. Returning to his village in Zambia after 6 years of study in Australia, the daily struggle faced by his community confronted Joseph and this prompted him to embark on a journey of becoming the change he wanted to see in his community.

Global Empowers has always been an idea waiting to be put into motion; Joseph’s passion for community welfare and social change is coupled with a commitment to providing disadvantaged communities and individuals with the skills, resources and opportunities to lead a better life while utilizing education and knowledge as a means of empowerment.

Joseph sees Global Empowers as an organization alight with hope like a candle; its flames know no weather or season,  Our family ties are the glue that binds us, driven by loyalty and purpose we take absolute pride in lighting others’ paths without worry of losing our flame, for this is the true mark of growth.

An Organization with the curiosity of a young mind unafraid to take on the unknown. One who applies and learns from experience, refuses to accept the impossible and knows persistence overcomes resistance.

In the eyes of this child, stretching from the villages of Kawambwa to the concentrated refugee camps of Africa, he sees a world where struggling children no longer question their value. A world in which their purpose is fulfilled and their rightful place as a citizen of this world claimed regardless of their upbringing. He sees a world where every child will have access to clean water, be able to reap the rewards of education, and develop a positive self-image.

He sees a world in which the community takes importance and families no longer struggle to provide for their children. A world where no man is controlled by money, and the power of small ideas recognized by governments, children and their parents. A world of opportunity and giving, where people know they are created by one God and in His image, regardless of sex, color, weight, and religious background. We are all equal and capable of achieving our dreams.

He sees a world where poverty of the mind is no more; with our focus on providing funding and support to ideas that protect and empower coming generations. A world where the lives of innocent civilians are much more precious than the need for developing first-grade military weapons.

He sees a world that develops and encourages strong-willed, principled and purposeful leaders. Who through their values can build unity and passionately serve the people.

He sees a world where authenticity and honesty are at the forefront of our work in serving the people, that they become fishermen and fisherwomen of their own destinies.

A world where we’re more than our external circumstances and features. Instead, we choose to look inward at the content of our hearts, and put love as the foundation of all our business ventures. We will have a life to fulfill God’s purpose for mankind.

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