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Global Empowers was founded by Musonda Joseph Mwansa; a native from Kawambwa, a small village in the Luapula Province, north of Zambia. Joseph’s humble beginnings have been the foundation on which he built his values and standards for himself, and those around him.

Landing in Australia in the winter of 2009, Joseph had struggled to afford a life worth living; working up to three jobs at a time, in order to have enough to cover living expenses and tuition fees. Returning to his home village in Zambia after 6 years of study in Australia, the daily struggles faced by his community persuaded, and inspired, Joseph to embark on a journey of global empowerment, for all communities, in the developing world.

Global Empowers has always been a dream waiting to be put into motion; Joseph’s passion for international welfare and social change is accompanied by a commitment to providing disadvantaged communities and individuals with the necessary skills, resources and opportunities required to lead and live a better and healthier lifestyle, whilst utilising education and knowledge as a means of global empowerment.

Joseph considers Global Empowers as an organisation set alight with hope, similar to a candle; its flames know no weather nor season. Our global family ties serve as the glue that binds us together, driven by loyalty and purpose. We take absolute pride in lighting others’ paths, without fear of extinguishing our flame, for this is the true signifier of growth.

We are an organisation which possesses the curiosity of a young mind, unafraid to challenge the unknown. We pride ourselves on applying and learning from our experiences, we refuse to accept the impossible and we know that persistence overcomes resistance.

Imagine us being a child who dreams; dreams that stretch from the humble villages of Kawambwa, all the way to the concentrated refugee camps of Africa. The child sees a world where struggling children no longer question their values. A world in which their purpose is fulfilled, and their rightful place as a citizen of this world claimed, regardless of their upbringing. A child who sees a world where every child will have access to clean water, be able to reap the benefits of quality education, and develop a positive and respectable self-image.

We are a child who envisions a world in which communities value importance and families who no longer have to struggle to provide for their children. We see a world where no man is controlled by money, where the power of dreams is recognised by governments, children and their parents. A world of opportunity and equality, where everyone knows that they have been created by one God and in His image, regardless of gender, race, weight and religious background. We are all equal and capable of achieving our dreams.

This child envisions a world where mental poverty is non-existent; with our primary focus on providing funding and support for concepts that protect and empower future generations. A world where the lives of innocent civilians are much more precious than the need for developing first-grade military weapons.

We further envision a world that develops and encourages strong-willed, principled and purposeful leaders. Leaders who, through their values, can build and promote unity and passion amongst the people.

Global Empowers sees a world where authenticity and honesty are at the forefront of our work when serving the people. We hope that each individual can become fishermen and fisherwomen of their own destinies.

Finally, we envision a world where we are more than our external circumstances and features. Instead, we choose to look inwards and admire the contents of our hearts, and to envision love as the foundation of all of our business ventures. We aim to live a life that fulfils God’s purpose for mankind.

Our Advisors

Dave Clare

Dave is a Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Coach, A practitioner of purpose-driven leadership for a new generation of leaders. His the CEO and Founder of Circle Leadership Global. For over 20 years he has worked across multiple industries, sectors and levels of organisations as a leader and coaching and facilitating personal and organisational change with leaders. His a leader for a new generation of leaders, purpose-driven leaders that want to create meaningful work, build invincible cultures, unleash innovation and develop tomorrows leaders to leave a legacy for themselves.

Emmanuel Essien

Emmanuel holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in corporate finance And strategy, as well as a second Master degree in Finance and Investment Management, with over 23 years of combined Banking and Financial Services. He is currently the Managing Director at Alpha Mead Capital Partners Limited. And Also a member / partner at Debnoch Consulting. Mentor at the University of Johannesburg: Mentoring Small Enterprise Business Owners at the Centre for Small Business Development.

Chipupu Kandeke

With more than 22 years of experience as a pharmacist and health care consultant. Mr. Kandeke has worked in many sectors including private and public sectors. His experiences in hospital and community pharmacy have placed me in a unique position to help pharmacists and owners implement and maintain sustainable businesses and clinical pharmacy through consulting services. He's a consultant with Pharm Academy Zambia, Managing Consultant at Elevate Pharmacy Consulting Ltd, Founder, and chief executive officer for Grace Chem Pharmacies and Garcia Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Kandeke possesses a strong sense of entrepreneurship with relevant tertiary educational backgrounds in Pharmacy, Management and Health Systems Management gained from University of Dar es Salaam and the University of London.

Florence Shapiro Khimbi

Florence Shapiro Khimbi is from Mtomboloka village in Rumphi East Constituency in Malawi. She is a registered mental health nurse (Masters in public health, BSc degree in mental health & psychiatric nursing; Diploma in general nursing; Diploma in HIV/AIDS strategic planning). she worked in a number of institutions: Malawi Defence force as a bedside as well as combat registered nurse/ midwife; functional leader/ preceptor at St John of God Community Services; tutor/ clinical instructor at St John’s college of nursing & Daeyang. Florence Also held position of Project Manager for eLearning project under AMREF health Africa: Malawi

Mike Kilgore

Mike is an International Executive and Physician Mentor. Founder of International Executive Mentoring Solutions providing domestic and international mentoring services to executives and organisations. Mike’s main objective is to help us increase our productivity by enhancing work strategies and eliminating internal road blocks.

Dr Herpiani Ng

With over 25 years of successful general management and progressive leadership experiences as Executive Director, Regional Director, Managing Director, Group Head, Executive Board Member, General Manager, and Manager, in major multinational and international companies both in Indonesia, the Asia Pacific regions including ASEAN, and North America plus some strategic assignments to Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Herpiani Ng possess a strong business acumen and a strong sense of entrepreneurship and initiative coupled with relevant tertiary educational backgrounds in Strategic & Project Management, Corporate Finance, Engineering, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Commerce gained from colleges/universities in USA and UK.

David Leeper

David is an International Executive Coach/Mentor increasingly working cross culturally in UK environments. Having provided executive and business performance coaching in Europe, Middle East, India and the Pacific region over 18 years and now being semi-retired work with individuals to support their development. David designed, developed and delivered an International Certificate in Executive and Corporate Coaching which I ran in India (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai). His goal includes sharing his experience, skills and knowledge.

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