Vigor Aqua

The story of Vigor Aqua starts in the 21st Century. Deeply rooted in the beautiful, small, and peaceful rural village Kawambwa, Africa. Vigor Aqua is inspired by the curiosity of a young mind unafraid to challenge the unknown and a vision of a world free of mental and material poverty. It is founded on the belief that hope can inspire self-determination to achieve the impossible, and that those who have the courage to believe in themselves and others can change the world.

Vigor Aqua is one of many roads on a journey of saving one life lost to waterborne diseases such as Cryptospomdium, diarrhoea and cholera. Making water safe for drinking, cleaning teeth, and washing fruits and vegetables. Giving people physical strength and good health. And promoting vitality.


Our tea brand, Tip Top Organic works is produced from Moringa “miracle tree” a Plant described as a medicinal herb that possesses innumerable health benefits and has the capacity of curing several diseases.


Born into a world of poverty is a young man who envisions himself as the “Modern African Warrior,” who travels to the lands of plenty in search of answers and solutions for his nation and people. This unique individual experiences deep, inner conflicts, between his passionate goal of delivering clean and safe drinking water, even though he has not yet able to do so, and his extreme fear of being viewed as a “fool” who is not good enough to achieve his goals. He meets a beautiful woman, falls in love and experiences emotional hardships as she tries to help him open up about his life. This man experiences conflicts with modern society; some view him as a future leader and a game changer, others never take him serious. Some have even laughed at him and others want to remove him from their land. Ultimately, he faces implacable conflicts with world-inequality and injustice. If this man can survive all his inner and personal demons, social injustices and discrimination, then so too can his people, and the rest of the world, do the same.

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