Who We Are

Global Empowers is the only purpose driven social enterprise that is focused on uplifting and freeing people to empower each other. 

Global Empowers helps impoverished people realise their potential to become masters of their own destiny by being revolutionary innovators empowering our communities.

A candle that lights others without losing its flame, an enterprise with the curiosity of a young mind unafraid to challenge the unknown.

Global Empowers is continuously seeking to find itself and does not settle for anything but what is right and true.

 Global Empowers motivates and inspires others to believe in themselves and their abilities as much as we believe in them. Global Empowers is a catalyst for change, turning problems into opportunities, empowering people, teams, networks to create win-win-win solutions for all involved.

Head Office

5985/M, Zambezi Road

Lusaka, Zambia.

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