Our Story

Empowering communities, transforming lives

How it all Began

Global Empowers was founded by Musonda Joseph Mwansa; a native of Kawambwa, a small village in
the Luapula Province, north of Zambia.

Joseph’s humble beginnings were vital to the vision of Global Empowers.

Landing in Australia in the winter of 2009, Joseph had struggled to afford a life worth living; working up to three jobs at a time, to have enough to cover living expenses and tuition fees.

On his return to his village after six years, Joseph was appalled by the daily struggles faced by his community and inspired to embark on a journey of global empowerment for all communities in the developing world. This led to the birth of Global Empowers.

The company`s hope to inspire the emergence of a world where the purpose is fulfilled, and rightful
place as a citizen of this world claimed, regardless of upbringing.

A world where every child will have access to clean water, be able to reap the benefits of quality education, and develop a positive and respectable self-image.

The goal of the organisation is to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

Corporate Overview

The core of our intervention programs is focused on giving hope. We earnestly believe that hope can
inspire self-determination, allow people living in despondence to take their destiny into their own hands,
and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Rather than just bringing a solution from outside, we also inspire people to rise above the voices of doubt, division, anger and fear that they face in their own lives, communities and nation and become the solution they to seek. We believe that overcoming mental limitation is the first step to conquering challenges to achieve personal and collective goals.

We believe there is a genius in every human, irrespective of their social status. Therefore, we look forward
to creating an enabling environment for ideas to thrive where people can look inward and proffer
sustainable solutions to the challenges of their society.

At Global Empowers, we are not afraid to challenge the unknown; we possess the curiosity of a young mind, and the resilience required to achieve our goals. We place authenticity and integrity at the forefront of our service.

The strategic approach entails the development of essential amenities such as potable water for
communities and to facilitate easy access to education which is crucial to activating the innate creativity.

We look forward to empowering impoverished populations so they can foster sustainable development
in their communities.

Business Model

The business model of Global Empowers follows the Social-Profit Business concept. Global Empowers generates revenue by developing and selling innovative products through retail outlets, distribution, channel sales, and product licensing.

Global Empowers is a socially conscious enterprise organisation with a goal of uplifting the impoverished
people around the world and inspiring hope for a brighter future for humanity.

Let’s Work Together

We can collaborate with governments, non-state actors (NSA), charity organisations, and commercial entities in achieving your primary purpose of making the world a better place.

Contact us today to see how we can work together.