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About Us

Global Empowers is the only purpose driven social enterprise that is focused on uplifting and freeing people to empower each other. 

Global Empowers helps impoverished people realise their potential to become masters of their own destiny by being revolutionary innovators empowering our communities.

A candle that lights others without losing its flame, an enterprise with the curiosity of a young mind unafraid to challenge the unknown.

Global Empowers is continuously seeking to find itself and does not settle for anything but what is right and true.

 Global Empowers motivates and inspires others to believe in themselves and their abilities as much as we believe in them. Global Empowers is a catalyst for change, turning problems into opportunities, empowering people, teams, networks to create win-win-win solutions for all involved.

Our Beliefs

We believe that hope can inspire self-determination in order to achieve the impossible and that those who have the courage to believe in themselves and others can change the world.


  • Curiosity

Eagerness to question and challenge

  • Ownership

Honest and accountable

  • Dedication

Honour with commitment and devotion


Having confidence and trust


Creating a win win win


Keep growing and learning




To become the revolutionary innovators empowering our communities.

We beleive in developing holistic solutions that address the social, economic and environmental aspects of a community’s needs


We see a world where people are masters of their destiny, creating a productive future for humanity.

Technical and Business Advisory Board

Professor Jörg Imberger

Technical Advisor

Professor Roger Falconer

Technical Advisor

Dr Tnvv Rao

Technical Advisor

Dr Stephen Siwila

Technical Advisor

Professor Arthur Mynett

Technical Advisor

Mr Emmanuel Essien

Business Advisor

Mr Deepak Daniel

Business Advisor

Mr Paul Manning

Business Advisor

Dr Dominic Npoanlari Dagbanja

Business Advisor

Mr Masauso Nzima

Business Advisor

Mr Dave Clare

Business Advisor

Mr Chipupu Kandeke

Business Advisor

Our Projects


The Water Does Matter Carbon project aims to improve rural communities’ health and living standards in Zambia and across Sub-Saharan Africa by providing treated clean enriched smart water stations. The project also aims to provide water, hygiene, and sanitation education programs in rural villages to more than 30 million people and provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs and help offset carbon emissions



Helps farmers farm smart and earn better.

The ME2U Fund project Promotes entrepreneurship and financial literacy, reducing poverty and empowering rural communities though no-collateral low interest loans and crowdfunding for local business projects and individual fundraising.

The Light 

Educating the mind and the heart through books

UN SDG Alignment

Our Responsibilities

Our Team

Our primary responsibility is to serve and protect all men and women who work alongside us, to fulfill our combined purpose, and to realise our vision across the globe, as a whole. Every human being’s dignity must be respected with the highest regard. We view each and every human being as an individual and acknowledge each of their unique capabilities and worthiness. All human beings deserve to be provided with opportunities to become better and greater versions of themselves. We all deserve to have a sense of security in our workplaces, to receive a healthy compensation and to have a safe and clean environment to work in. Each and every individual must feel free to voice their opinions, ideas, suggestions and complaints.

Our Customers

Our second responsibility is to serve and protect the children, mothers, individuals, families, organisations, and countless others who use our products and services for the betterment of their overall livelihoods. In order to meet our consumers’ needs, all of our deeds must be of high quality. We must maintain and ensure an affordable service cost by continually striving to lower our rates. Clients are to be serviced, promptly, with a positive attitude, and in a respectful manner.
Our distributors and other business associates deserve the opportunity to generate a justifiable profit.


Thank you for journeying with us thus far.

Our last, but equally important responsibility is to our stakeholders. As a business, we aim to turn in a good profit. We work to experiment with small and large ideas from all walks of life. Research will continue for the foreseeable future and innovative programs will continue to be developed. We understand the need to learn from our mistakes and to avoid recurrences in the future. New equipment must be purchased and new products launched. Once we have completely ensured that these principles are fully operational, then we can confidently state that our stockholders will receive a just return on their investment. 

Musonda Joseph Mwansa

Founder and CEO


Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +260769517275

Perth Western Australia

Lusaka Office

Zambezi Road, Ngwerere

Lusaka Zambia.